Paper:Ravi Agarwal/Inequalities on Time Scales: A Survey

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Ravi AgarwalMartin Bohner and Allan Peterson: Inequalities on Time Scales: A Survey

Published $2001$, Mathematical Inequalities & Applications.

Online copies

hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln


1. Unifying Continuous and Discrete Analysis
2. The time scales calculus
3. Hölder's inequality
Theorem 3.1: Delta Hölder inequality
Theorem 3.2: Delta Cauchy-Schwarz inequality
Theorem 3.3: Delta Minkowski inequality
4. Jensen's inequality
Theorem 4.1: Delta Jensen inequality
5. Gronwall's inequality
Theorem 5.1: Delta Bernoulli inequality
Theorem 5.6: Delta Gronwall inequality
Theorem 5.8: Delta Bihari inequality
6. Opial's inequality
Theorem 6.1 Delta Opial inequality
7. Lyapunov's inequality