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This is the documentation for the Python repository timescalecalculus.

The basics

After extracting the files, open a Python instance in its folder and type

 >>> from timescalecalculus import *

Now the full functionality of timescalecalculus is available to you.

Defining a time scale

Right now, a time scale can consist of only a finite list of numbers. Fraction types are available.

>>> ts=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]

The forward jump $\sigma$ can be used:

>>> sigma(3,ts)

The backward jump $\rho$ can be used:

>>> rho(3,ts)

The delta derivative works as expected. The delta derivative of a constant is zero:

>>> dderivative(lambda x: 1,5,ts)

and obeying the delta derivative of squaring function, we see

>>> dderivative(lambda x: x*x,5,ts)